Colonel Cortez

A member of the Imperial Command Staff on Protasia and acting liason for the taskforce


A younger, svelte man appearing to be in his mid thirty’s. He has a ruddy complexion, black hair and bright green eyes. He also has an electoo of a hawk on his left cheek and hand. He is wears a black and cream uniform.

Colonel Cortez is a career military man and so tends to be brusque and direct, though his experience with liason duties does help to temper this. He dislikes civilians and those who do not take the ongoing efforts of the Imperial Guard to protect the Imperium seriously.


Colonel Cortez is the liason between the Imperial Guard, the Ecclesiarchy and the taskforce assigned to investigate the missing units, a task for which he was deemed well suited for even if he is not enthusiastic about it.

Cortez has served in General Volstoy’s command staff for over 10 years and is well regarded by the General. His service record is exemplary, having seen active service on a handful of different worlds. His strength lies in organisation and diplomacy so General Volstoy often assigns his duties in this area, whether this is trying to cool a feud between guard regiments or liase with other Imperial organisations.

Despite his diligence and competence the situation on Protasia is extremely taxing. Cortez must attempt to strike a balance between his duties to the Guard, and General Volstoy and to the overall commanders in the Ecclesiarchy. He is often frustrated that those is overall command have next to no strategic experience and sometimes care more about winning their political battles than the actual fighting.

Trying to investigate the missing units is extra work he just doesn’t need but has decided to approach the requirements and demands of the task-force with his trademark stoic responsibility. Whilst he had reservations about bringing in outsiders, and eclectic ones at that, Colonel Cortez has been surprised by the speed and competence with which the task-force has made progress.

Colonel Cortez

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