Commissar Rendat

A solidly built man, whose face is creased into a permanent scowl and always topped by his Commissars cap.


Commissar Michael Rendat stands at 6’1" and is solid with muscle. His hair (rarely seen since he almost permanently wears his peaked commissar’s cap) is a dirty blond and he is always clean shaven.

He wears full commissariat uniform and regalia as well as a chainsword and snub-nosed bolt pistol. In deference to his aristocratic lineage he also carries a well crafted and personalised duelling las-pistol.

After his traumatic experiences at the hands of the beast-house in the catacombs of Imperial HQ Rendat has a new set of scars and has lost weight. However, he is rapidly getting back to grips with his old position.


Michael Rendat was born to House Rendat on a far flung feudal world. His parents were pious and helped ensure his planet sent an unceasing flow of manpower and raw materials off world for the Imperial Guard. When his home world was attacked by Dark Eldar reavers House Rendat rallied it’s retainers and the local militia and managed to stop the xenos from seizing a handful of minor relic held in an Ecclesiarchy vault. However, muskets and cavalry are poor weapons against grav-tanks and splinter rifles. Almost all the defenders died, including Michael’s parents. In light of his parent’s heroic sacrifice he was adopted into the Scholar Progenium.

Commissar Rendat (as he became) has been a stalwart presence during the Protasia campaign. He currently heads the Investigative branch of the commissariat presence on the planet. Whilst his role is less obvious than his compatriates who stride towards the enemy bolt-guns blazing, his keen intelligence and unceasing dedication to rooting out treachery and espionage have been invaluable in combatting rebel spies and partisans.

Since being rescued by the Taskforce he has taken an interest in their activities and ongoing investigation. He would dearly like to make the Rogue Officers, especially Lt Gallus pay personally for their heresy but is willing to allow the Taskforce the freedom to act as they see fit.

Commissar Rendat

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