General Volstoy

CO of the North Continent Theatre


A stocky man of around 50, he is clean shaven and seems to be muscular running to fat. He tends to speak slightly louder than necessary and has a number of very faint scars across the back of his head. He wears a black and cream uniform with a fair amount of silver gilt and a number of prominent medals.


General Volstoy was given command of the Protasia North Continent Theatre after the original choice for commander fell ill shortly before deployment. General Volstoy is regarded as tenacious and aggressive, if lacking in imagination. His command staff is reckoned to be one of the most effective and experienced in the subsector however and competition among officers to be able to don the black and cream uniform is fierce.

Conspiracy note; The taskforce has so far uncovered a number of potentially rogue agents within Volstoy’s command staff and believe that he, and his staff, were intentionally redirected to the North Continent Theatre in order to give these conspiritors access to guard units.

General Volstoy

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