Imperial HQ

Location: Protasian North Continent

Notable persons:
General Volstoy – overall Imperial commander of the ProtasiaNorth Continent Theatre
Commissar Rendat – ranking Commissar assigned to the command HQ
Colonel Cortez – the taskforce’s liason within the Imperial Guard

The Imperial command in Protasia’s North Continent Theatre is based entirely in one super-structure, a marvel of the Tech-priests loaned to the Ecclesiarchy in exchange for an unknowable price.

Resembling an upturned bowl the Imperial HQ is 750m in diametre and stands just over 500m high, its plasteel and adamantium outer walls bristle with anti-air batteries, heavy artillary platforms and landing bays. Its interior is self powering and contains everything an Imperial army on campaign could require. Barracks, mess halls, training areas, armouries, vehicle shops, chapels, markets and more are all found here.

The Imperial HQ is an unassailable fortress in the region and, to date, 3 major attacks by the Protasian Free Army have been dashed against its walls. From inside this strong-point the Imperial commander, General Volstoy, can instantly communicate with his fellow officers across Protasia as well as with orbiting command and supply ships.

The HQ also houses a sizable contingent representing the Ecclesiarchy and their chapels are well equipped to deal with the needs of the soldier stationed there as well as ensuring a steady flow of propaganda to counter the rebels treacherous lies and incite the faithful to righteous fury.

It is a widely held belief held among the Imperial forces (and likely the rebel forces as well) that as long as the Imperial Guard hold this HQ they will inevitably prevail in the North Continent Theatre.

Requisition modifier = Hard (-20)

Multiple regiment stationed;
92nd Scintillan Rifles
17th Laskin
4th Scintillan Armoured Company
Assorted auxillery units

Imperial HQ

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