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Paths of Faith – Background and further reading

Paths of Faith is a Dark Heresy campaign following the exploits of a small group of highly talented individuals recruited by the Ecclesiarchy and Administratum as a joint taskforce operating on the war-world of Protasia. Their original mission was to locate several units of Imperial Guard that had gone missing from the North Continent Theatre as well as uncovering the conspiricy which allowed them to go missing in the first place. This page gives information on key locations, events and factions mentioned in the after action report (Adventure Log).

Locations (As of end of Act One)

Primary LocationProtasia

Secondary locationsNorth Continent Theatre

Imperial HQ
Forward Base
The Underground

Factions (As of end of Act One)

Imperial Forces
Imperial Guard
Forces of Order

Traitor Forces
Forces of Disorder
The Conspiritors

Additional Rules

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