Protasian Free Army

Rebel guardsman

The population of Protasia facing annihilation by the Imperium for their leadership’s treachery, have almost universally taken up arms to protect themselves and their planet.

Following Protasia being deemed to have fallen from the Emperor’s Holy way the Imperium declared a program of decimation and re-indoctrination to bring as many of Protasia’s population back into the fold of the faithful. Alongside this was to be a root and branch investigation and purge by the forces of the Inquisition. The first Imperial agents to land found Protasia mobilizing to defend itself from what the ruling classes propaganda declared was an invasion. With Protasia not seeking penitence for its misdeeds a crusade was called to forcibly repopulate to heretic population.

As the fighting escalated more and more Protasian’s joined the fighting, since they Imperium declared every inhabitant of the planet a traitor they had little to loose.

After years of war the Protasian Free Army still holds out, although they are steadily loosing ground across the planet. Each trooper is roughly equal to an Imperial guardsman, what they lack in faith and training they make up for with hard-won experience of urban warfare. The Free Army uses almost exclusively solid projectile weapons as they no longer receive imports of las weaponry. Similarly they are also lacking in heavy, armoured vehicles and aircraft.

Whilst they know they face eventual defeat against the hammer of the Imperial Guard the Free Army will never offer a surrender. They know they their lives are forfeit regardless, any survivors could hope for a death in a penal legion at best and immolation on mass pyres at worst.

Protasian Free Army

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